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DJ Pointbreak & Family Art

The idea of doing this little subpage was to give you another creative side of me

I have been a DJ for over 32 years at various parties and produce my own music.

This is also a little space to showcase the Amazing Art From Robert & Sue Perrish 

My Wonderful Parents in law.

Please Feel free to play some music
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Robert Perrish Art

Robert Perrish is Awarded

"Best of Show"

for his portrait of Charles McGee last night at Lawrence Street Gallery.


What a great honor

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Robert Perrish

Painting representational art, in the studio and Plein air.

Bob Perrish is My Father in-law

and a very well respect Painter From Michigan 


How to Reach for the stars

I feel truly blessed with a second chance of having a gifted Mother such as Susan, 

her Art has no boundaries 

Susan S Perrish

There is never a wasted moment.   It is all joy

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