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Chefs Table

A chef's table is a private dining experience that allows the chef to show off their culinary skills in a more intimate environment.

Thus giving the chef a unique opportunity to develop long-term connections with their guests.

This is an opportunity to share personal stories, inspirations, and unique styles

An insight into my own discipline and culinary talent is explored while the chef prepares an awe-inspiring creation.

The Table

Setting the Table

Personally, for me, the table is a wonderful place, the polished silver, the candles, the folded dinner napkins, and the lights turned down low.

The stem glasses sparkling in the flicker of the candles

All in the comfort and privacy of your home! 
Chef Richard uses his own cookware and utensils and provides all china, porcelain cutlery, glasses & napkins.

Consider special occasions anniversaries, birthdays, couples nights in

boutique-style catering & cocktail parties, small bites, appetizers, and hors D'oeuvres.

the journey awaits you



Talent Passion Influences

This is your chance to get to know me

As I open up about the industry, the food, my beginnings, my story.

 Projects, Hotels, Restaurants, the raw story. 



Open dialog and a relaxed atmosphere are the ingredients for great conversations

and let's face it, the best ones happen over the dinner table.

I have done quite a few chefs tables 

And each are unique and special

it all starts with the first course, the inspiration behind the dish, why did I do it like this,? where I want to take you, what I want you to experience

It's all very personal

Bonds are formed and memories are ignited.  



A great conversation opener inspired by The start of the fishing season

Nigiri of Seabass | Radish Dust | Trout Roe

This souffle is inspired by Memories of fall in Switzerland 

Felchlin Chocolate Souflee |  Hints of Chestnut

Summer at last and the warmth it brings

This dish was inspired by Thai and Italian memories a great fusion of flavors 

Coconut Chicken | Tumeric | Confit Tomato

Gnocchi | Mint & Chili oil

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